Change is Coming.

A laptop showing a blank screen, notepads, and coffee mug.

Diary of a Disabled Person has now been going for almost six years, and there are currently over 300 blog posts and short-stories on this website. It’s been one hell of a run…

…and it isn’t over yet! Don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere, but I am reducing the frequency of posts to fortnightly (or once every two weeks for my American readers) as of 13th November 2022. I will remain active on social media (@WheelerDax on TikTok, Twitter and Mastadon’s disabled social server, @diaryofadisabledperson on Instagram and Facebook), and if you don’t use those platforms you can still find the majority of that content in the widgets on the left or bottom of the article if you use a computer or phone respectively.

There are several reasons behind my decision. First and foremost, my new role as a Data Manager is a bigger commitment both in terms of working hours and how much energy the work itself takes. The activism and additional writing projects that have predominantly stemmed from blogging have also been on the rise, such as leading a staff network, as well as several other projects I have been approached with.

If nothing else, after so much writing there is simply less to write about. In trying to meet a weekly schedule my content has begun to get repetitive and has, if I’m being brutally honest, reduced in quality. I would much rather produce high-quality content and engage in impactful social activism, than keep churning out posts for the sake of it.

And yes, I am aware that Christmas will royally mess my new schedule up.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my latest piece, Voice of the Voiceless!

With love,


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