Over the weekend I published my account of the recent NICE review of treatments offered to M.E patients in the UK. I expressed concern that either NICE would continue to recommend the harmful therapies despite a lack of evidence to support their efficacy, or that their recommendation to stop the use of the harmful therapies would be ignored.

According to the Times my second prediction was the correct one. It would seem that NICE are indeed no longer going to recommend that patients with M.E undergo Graded Exercise Therapy, which put me in a wheelchair a decade ago. However, sources suggest that NICE is once again delaying publication of it’s final report, seemingly in response to the backlash from angry medics who justified the use of Graded Exercise Therapy by telling us that NICE could be trusted and had done their research. Now that NICE are contradicting them, it would seem medics are less keen to take their word as law.

Nevertheless, to even have this debate tarnish the reputation of a once gold-standard therapy is quite the breakthrough, and I can only hope that NICE make the right decision.

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