DiceBreaker Debut.

A laptop showing a blank screen, notepads, and coffee mug.

DiceBreaker.com is a website and YouTube channel which features the latest in table-top gaming, and is part of the larger Gamer Network which includes the British video gaming channels Outside Xbox, Outside Xtra, and Eurogamer. Following a writing seminar in March I finally plucked up the courage to pitch an article to the DiceBreaker team, and here is the result: my debut article for them on Disability Representation in Table-Top Gaming.

If you’ve navigated to my website from DiceBreaker.com, thank you and welcome! New blog posts will appear every Sunday, but in the meantime there’s plenty of content for you to explore. If you liked my DiceBreaker article, then you’ll probably like this one on My Top Ten Favourite Disabled Characters in Film and Television for starters!

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