Purchasing Independence: The Best Mobility Aids.

Empty blue wheelchairs in a row.

By Abi Swarbick from Modern Mobility.

Since 1997, Modern Mobility has prided ourselves on making life that little bit easier by keeping your freedom & independence and assisting in sourcing the best mobility aids available. If you are living with limited mobility there are numerous products in which could improve your everyday life allowing you to enjoy what you may not have before.

Many people who use mobility aids may be hesitant or try to stray away from them at first due to the stigma of using them. While getting used to using a rollator or wheelchair in public may seem a little uncomfortable at the start, the truth is they do hugely change your life for the better. Disability shouldn’t be hidden away or swept under the rug, it should be embraced as a sign of strength no matter your age or level of mobility.

A mobility aid is far much more than a piece of equipment it provides freedom, independence and stability. While certain products may work better than others for certain individuals there will always be something out there for whatever you need. If you struggle to walk unaided but need more support than a cane or a walking stick, a tri walker or a rollator could be the perfect solution for you. Rollators have 4 wheels making them easier to push around and adjustable handles for your comfort. They are extremely lightweight making them easy to transport and take in the car with you.

Mobility scooters or powerchairs are one of the best ways to regain your independence and venture out into the great outdoors again. Purchasing a powerchair or a mobility scooter could be quite the investment, so making sure it’s the right fit for you is vital here’s what you should be looking for when looking to buy a mobility scooter or powerchair

Range – How far will the mobility scooter travel? Will you be able to get back home after a long journey?

Portability – Do you need it in the car? You will need a folding mobility scooter or car boot scooter if this is the case

Battery life – Will the battery life last the journey? It could be worth getting a lithium scooter

Cost – How much are you willing to spend. In the long run, a more expensive scooter might be the best choice.

Speed – Are you in a hurry to reach your destination. A road scooter that travels 8mps could be for you

Comfort– Check the information on the type of seat. Your comfort should be at the front of your mind.

If you think getting a mobility aid could benefit you, we hugely recommend purchasing one or trying one out to see for yourself how much of an impact it can have on your life.

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