Social Justice on Wheels.

Empty blue wheelchairs in a row.

As someone who publishes my writing on the internet I have been exposed to a few trolls here and there. In fact, many would say that your first troll is a rite of passage for all internet writers in the 21st century. While I usually ignore the trolls I do sometimes like to read their comments, as very occasionally hidden behind all the bravado is a constructive criticism that I can use to improve my work.

Of all the comments that I find, by far the most prominent insult is the label “SJW” or “social justice warrior” if they can be bothered to type 3 whole words in response to a mere 2,000. SJW is a term predominantly used by those of a more conservative nature, intended as a demeaning description of someone who fights for equality and social justice. The associated stigma is someone who is over-sensitive and whingey, and will be insulted at the mildest political incorrectness.

Everyone knows that to be an effective troll you have to insult the person a petty comment is aimed at. This leaves the trolls who label me as an SJW with a big problem; I am not insulted by the term. I am someone who believes in equality and will make their voice heard in order to achieve social justice, making me a pretty damn good example of an SJW. Even worse is the fact that I am proud of this and make no attempt to hide it. Admittedly I try not to whine so much as provide insightful social commentary, but given that people who use SJW as an insult sit whining about SJWs, I think that point can be neglected altogether.

It is, of course, rather ironic that if I did take offence to being dubbed an SJW, I would be playing right into their hands as the over-sensitive type. After all, it’s not as if they’ve made negative remarks about how I look or where I live, just simply the political beliefs that practically my entire life revolves around.

At the end of the day being an SJW is nothing to be ashamed of. Most people want a just and fair world regardless of their personal beliefs, but their idea of what actually constitutes as justice differs. Some would argue that it was justice to call me a whingey liberal, and others would argue that trolling the use of the term SJW as an insult is justice for trolling someone in the first place. Whatever the case may be, if you want to insult me, calling me an SJW simply isn’t going to work.

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