What it Takes to Bring a Blog Post to Life.

Most people assume that being a blogger is an easy ride, so I’ve put together some info-graphics depicting how much time and effort it takes to bring just one blog post to life.

Image description: a timeline of how a blog post is written. The first image is of some in the shower having a sudden idea. This idea is then added to the list, & when I have the time is written up. Then the post is edited, an audio version is recorded, & it's published and shared on social media.

Image description: a timeline showing how a short story is written. The same graphic of someone getting the idea in the shower is used. The idea is added to the list, written up, edited, & illustrated. An audio recording is made, & then the story is published & shared on social media.

Your donations help support me financially, and enable me to call myself a semi-professional blogger. However, for a limited time only your donation could get you something else in return for your money; a signed original copy of one of the illustrations from the second series of short stories! Illustrations Advert

See yesterday’s blog post “Competition Time” for more details.