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Able to Remember:

Attack of the Brain Fog: 

The Virtual Cure: 

Time for a Change: 

Andre the Advocate: 

More Than Ramps and Lifts: 

Mission Impossible 4 – Looking for a Job: 

Mission Impossible 3 – Find a Home: 

Losing my Religion: 

A Broken Record: 

Afflictions of the Afflicted: 

The Blogger Recognition Award: 

Social Justice on Wheels: 

The Sunshine Blogger Award: 

Leeds Pride 2018: 

Disability Doesn’t Mean I Can’t: 

I Am Your Father – By Boris: 

Disability Trumps Ableism: 

A Tale of Two Cities: 

Organised Time: 

Deja vu – Return of the Leibster Award: 

Nutritional Nutters: 

Sweet, Sweet Irony:


With Great Literature Comes Great Writing: 

School, Sickness, and Stupidity – Part 2: 

School, Sickness, and Stupidity – Part 1: 

The Many Theories of M.E: 

The Worst Days: 

Pet Therapy: 

Body Negativity: 

Off the Rails:

The Lovely Blog Award: 

Judgement Day: 

Park Life: 

Worlds Apart – A Collaboration between the Disability Diaries and Diary of a Disabled Person: 

Stephen Hawking – A Brief Moment in Time:

Things Just Got Complicated: 

One Good Turn: 

Boredom Looms: 

Can’t Be Treated: 

Diary of a Disabled Persons’ Fiance – by Jarred Triskelion: 

GETting Nowhere: 

Movie Magic: 

The Battle of the Wheels – A Collaboration: 

The Leibster Award: 

Diary of a Disabled Person – One Year On: 

The Disadvantages of Benefits: 

Another Successful Orbit Around the Sun: 

It’s Christmas: 

Truly Grand: 

To See, or Not to See: 

The Writing Days: 

The Final Student Day: 

The Student Days: 

Wheelchairs in Academia – A Collaboration: 

Mission Impossible 2 – Get Educated: 

Mission Impossible – Go Shopping: 

Alternative Reality: 


The Fifth Bodily Humour: 

London Calling – Part 3: 

London Calling – Part 2: 

London Calling – Part 1: 

Roll Models: 

Words Without Meaning: 

Power to the Wheels: 

Ignorance is Bliss: 

Pride Without Prejudice: 

Bisexual and Almost Bipedal:

Medal of Honour: 

Pimp my Ride 2 – The Outfit: 

Galled (Part 3): 

Utterly Galling (Part 2): 

A Galling Experience (Part 1): 

Dalek Days: 

The Clouds Behind the Silver Lining: 

The Real Mermaid: 

The Perfect Surprise: 

Cue the Music: 

Mr Right for the Wrong Reasons: 

Disabled Benefits that aren’t Money: 

A Small Corner of the Internet: 

I Think, Therefore I Am Intelligent: 

Uncharitable Charity: 

Sex and the Sitting: 

Pimp my Ride: 

Rock  and Roll: 

A Pub Roll: 

A Way With Words: 

The Marvel-like Origin Story with Less Explosions – Part 3: 

The Marvel-like Origin Story with Less Explosions – Part 2: 

The Marvel-like Origin Story with Less Explosions – Part 1: 

An Unlikely Crowd: 

Deities, not Doctors: 

Debacles of a Disabled Scientist: 

The Poppy Man: 

My Superpower: 

All Creatures Great and Small: 


Short Stories: Series 1.

Wheels of Fortune:

Captain Wheels: 

Agent 48: 

Spaced out: 

Wheels by Night: 

Wheelchairs are Forever: 

Short Stories Series 2:

Pixelated Wheels:  



Wheels of Steel: 

Roll and Rock: 

Assassin’s Wheels: