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Wheels of Steer:

Diary of a Disabled Feminist:

Diary of a Disabled Feminist – Embrace the Flab:

Diary of a Disabled Feminist – Passion for Fashion:

Keep the Change:

Becoming Karen:


Ableism In Four Words:

Pulling a Healthie:

Know It All:

A Game of Risk:

Third Time’s the Charm:

10 Year Challenge:

One More Time:

How to Train Your Wheelchair – Part 2:

How to Train Your Wheelchair – Part 1:

The Fearless Snowflake Award:

I Am Not a Drug Addict:

She Sells Sanctuary:

Liberty Denied:

Womb of Woes – Part 3:

Womb of Woes – Part 2:

Womb of Woes – Part 1:


If You’re Happy & You Know It:

Let Me In:

To Be Or Not To Be (Disabled):

My Precious:

Killing the Red Lion:

History over Humanity:

Building Accessible Bridges:

The Mystery Blogger Award:

Bad Medicine:

Aspirations of Inspiration:

The Road to Nowhere:

Curiosity Killed My Privacy:

Defining Disability:

A Trip to the Dark Side:

Big Brother:

The D-Word:

Live Long & Prosper:



The Blogger Recognition Award Strikes Back:

Solving the Wrong Problem:

M.E Awareness Week – Day 7:

M.E Awareness Week – Day 6:

M.E Awareness Week – Day 5:

M.E Awareness Week – Day 4 (Trigger warning – explicit description of suicide attempt):

M.E Awareness Week – Day 3:

M.E Awareness Week – Day 2:

M.E Awareness Week – Day 1:

An Unconventional Medicine:

Taking a Stand:

Doctor Google:

The Rejects – 6 Assumptions About Nutrition That Are Utter Bull:

The Corridor:

The Rejects – 6 Things People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Want You to Know, (But Are Too Exhausted to Tell You):

Big City Nights – Part 2:

The Rejects – 6 Things in Food Way More Dangerous Than Additives:

Big City Nights – Part 1:

The Rejects – 6 Things No One Tell You About Working in Medical Research:

A Legitimate TED-Talk:

TEDx – Disability in Education & Employment:

You Are What You Eat:

Braveheart on Wheels:

It’s Not Easy Being Green:

Mission Impossible 5: Time for a Holday:

The Working Days:

The Flawesome Award:

Take the Shot:

2 Years On:

Happy Wife = Happy Life:

New Year, Same Old Me:

Trundlebirds Are Go:

What Came Before:

International Day of Disability:

Pain Pain, Go Away:

A Blessing From The Internet:

Smoke on the Pavements:

Able to Remember:

Attack of the Brain Fog:

The Virtual Cure:

Time for a Change:

Andre the Advocate:

More Than Ramps and Lifts:

Mission Impossible 4 – Looking for a Job:

Mission Impossible 3 – Find a Home:

Losing my Religion:

A Broken Record:

Afflictions of the Afflicted:

The Blogger Recognition Award:

Social Justice on Wheels:

The Sunshine Blogger Award:

Leeds Pride 2018:

Disability Doesn’t Mean I Can’t:

I Am Your Father – By Boris:

Disability Trumps Ableism:

A Tale of Two Cities:

Organised Time:

Deja vu – Return of the Leibster Award:

Nutritional Nutters:

Sweet, Sweet Irony:


With Great Literature Comes Great Writing:

School, Sickness, and Stupidity – Part 2:

School, Sickness, and Stupidity – Part 1:

The Many Theories of M.E:

The Worst Days:

Pet Therapy:

Body Negativity:

Off the Rails:

The Lovely Blog Award:

Judgement Day:

Park Life:

Worlds Apart – A Collaboration between the Disability Diaries and Diary of a Disabled Person:

Stephen Hawking – A Brief Moment in Time:

Things Just Got Complicated:

One Good Turn:

Boredom Looms:

Can’t Be Treated:

Diary of a Disabled Persons’ Fiance – by Jarred Triskelion:

GETting Nowhere:

Movie Magic:

The Battle of the Wheels – A Collaboration:

The Leibster Award:

Diary of a Disabled Person – One Year On:

The Disadvantages of Benefits:

Another Successful Orbit Around the Sun:

It’s Christmas:

Truly Grand:

To See, or Not to See:

The Writing Days:

The Final Student Day:

The Student Days:

Wheelchairs in Academia – A Collaboration:

Mission Impossible 2 – Get Educated:

Mission Impossible – Go Shopping:

Alternative Reality:


The Fifth Bodily Humour:

London Calling – Part 3:

London Calling – Part 2:

London Calling – Part 1:

Roll Models:

Words Without Meaning:

Power to the Wheels:

Ignorance is Bliss:

Pride Without Prejudice:

Bisexual and Almost Bipedal:

Medal of Honour:

Pimp my Ride 2 – The Outfit:

Galled (Part 3):

Utterly Galling (Part 2):

A Galling Experience (Part 1):

Dalek Days:

The Clouds Behind the Silver Lining:

The Real Mermaid:

The Perfect Surprise:

Cue the Music:

Mr Right for the Wrong Reasons:

Disabled Benefits that aren’t Money:

A Small Corner of the Internet:

I Think, Therefore I Am Intelligent:

Uncharitable Charity:

Sex and the Sitting:

Pimp my Ride:

Rock and Roll:

A Pub Roll:

A Way With Words:

The Marvel-like Origin Story with Less Explosions – Part 3:

The Marvel-like Origin Story with Less Explosions – Part 2:

The Marvel-like Origin Story with Less Explosions – Part 1:

An Unlikely Crowd:

Deities, not Doctors:

Debacles of a Disabled Scientist:

The Poppy Man:

My Superpower:

All Creatures Great and Small:


Short Stories: Series 3.

An Unlikely Wrestler:

Workplace Wheels:

Need for Speed:

Wheels Ahoy:

Rob The Roller:

Born Survivor:

Short Stories Series 2:

Pixelated Wheels:

Short Stories: Series 1.

Wheels of Fortune:

Jingle Wheels (2019):

Guest Story:

An Unlikely Water-skier: