Trans And Non-Binary Genders Explained.

A heart-shaped bisexual flag over a gender-fluid flag in the background. Pride written in hollow white text in the centre.

My colleague & good friend, Tom Shilito, has been hard at work developing a guidance document that clearly explains what trans and non-binary genders are, and how to support your trans and non-binary peers. Reading an earlier draft of this document was actually one of the reasons I started to think clearly about my own gender, and helped me realise that what I was experiencing wasn’t unheard of.

You can download the PDF here:

5 thoughts on “Trans And Non-Binary Genders Explained.

  1. very very well done for talking about Sexuality .Disability very RARE yet so effecting ,,i am co-Author of a book .JUST PUBLISHED ,book is about .Disability and Sex ,can give you a Link
    my blog.http;//
    people never see the every day effects.i take part in a lot lot research ..i have m.e ..migraines .ibs list goes on


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