We Want To Live.

A red heart & ECG heart beat over a stethoscope in the background.

The media has done an excellent job of suppressing this, but I will not be party to that.Some sick & disabled people are being asked to sign Do Not Resuscitate forms, as ventilators will be prioritised for people who aren’t already sick.
This is eugenics disguised as a way of helping the NHS. So, instead of punishing the people who have stripped the NHS of it’s resources and staff, disabled people are being asked to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, because our lives are so pitiful as to be worthless. Our lives are worth living, & we deserve equal access to healthcare.If you agree with this idea on any level, whether you’re a healthcare professional who thinks it’s just helping the NHS out in desperate times, or someone who thinks it’s a worthy sacrifice, please unfollow me. Unfriend me. Don’t comment trying to defend the inexcusable. I don’t care. I will not have people who prescribe to eugenics on my social media.We Want to Live in bold white text on a red heart, over a black-and-white hospital background.

2 thoughts on “We Want To Live.

  1. I had absolutely no idea this was happening. Is this an isolated incident or happening on a wide-scale? Either way it’s horrible and I feel so sorry for that woman. It’s ridiculous what the BBC are sharing considering this was going on and it doesn’t seem to be talked about as much.

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