Menopause…At Age 22.

I was bored having just one chronic illness, so I decided to get another.

Please be warned, this is 6 minutes on why vaginas suck.

Apologies; I haven’t had the chance to put subtitles on, but in summary:

I went to the gynaecologist today & have been diagnosed with bilateral dyspeurenia, a condition that makes penetrative sex virtually impossible due to severe pain levels. Things like lube, special condom coatings, & different positions don’t help, & it’s virtually un-treatable. If I eventually want to have children this will cause problems.

Secondly, after starting periods 11 years ago I have finally managed to get a doctor to listen to all the symptoms I have experienced over the years, without them being blamed on puberty (still), or even the CFS. It’s possible I have a condition called endometriosis, which affects 1 in 10 women & runs in the family.To formally diagnose endometriosis they’re going to medically induce the menopause at age 22. This is reversible & doesn’t increase my risk of breast cancer, & if my symptoms go away it’s indicative that they are caused by endometriosis. In this case I will return to the doctor and be put forward for a diagnostic laparoscopy, where they can see if I have endometriotic tissue in the pelvic cavity. If they find it, they may even be able to remove some.

I’ll be vlogging my experience because women’s health is still a taboo subject that we don’t talk about enough.

Also I’m terrified.

Author: diaryofadisabledperson

My multi-award-winning blog discusses what life is like as a disabled bisexual woman. I have a 1st class honours degree in nutrition from the University of Leeds where I now work in medical research, an achievement which was undeniably difficult to reach. Outside of work I have a passion for wrestling, rock music, and the MCU. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram simply by searching diaryofadisabledperson.

3 thoughts on “Menopause…At Age 22.”

  1. Have you heard of the Facebook group Nancy’s Nook Endometriosis Education? I’ve learned a lot from it, like why my ablation only lasted a few years before the endo grew back. I guess it needs something called excision instead. It’s horrifically expensive where I live, but maybe in the U.K. it will be covered.

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