Tribble has gone AWOL.

This morning Jarred went through to the living room to discover that Tribble had learnt how to undo her wheel, and had escaped overnight. I had heard a small clatter as we were going to bed but thought it had come from outside; obviously I was wrong.

We spent a long time searching the entire flat for her, but to no avail. The only place she could have gone was down the side of the washing machine and through the vents behind it, which we have no way of reaching.

As intelligent as Tribble is, without shelter and clean water in this heat, with multiple predators around, four stories off the ground we have very little hope that she has survived the night. If she has, we cannot imagine how she would get back to us. We are both utterly devastated and just hope that whatever has happened, she hasn’t suffered. Most of all, I wish I had been given the chance to say goodbye.

Image description: my favourite photo of Tribble. She is sat on my knee, with her left paw holding my finger.

Author: diaryofadisabledperson

My multi-award-winning blog discusses what life is like as a disabled bisexual woman. I have a 1st class honours degree in nutrition from the University of Leeds where I now work in medical research, an achievement which was undeniably difficult to reach. Outside of work I have a passion for wrestling, rock music, and the MCU. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram simply by searching diaryofadisabledperson.

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